About Stylist Pool


Stylist Pool is the first on demand styling service that connects you to A-List celebrity stylists for all of your personal style needs. Our curated pool of wardrobe stylist are available to assist you in looking your best. No scenario too big or too challenging, we can help with any of your needs.

Look and feel your absolute best. Get styled today!


First, Get Started

Upon submitting your information in Get Started, Stylist Pool will contact you for an intake phone call.

During our first conversation, we will begin the journey towards honing your personal brand. Based upon your needs, we will match you with one of our top stylists.

Next, meet your Stylist. 

Coupling your detailed intake with a live-video session, your stylist will assess your needs and use his or her unique skill set to reach your personal style goals. 

Last, receive your lookbook!

After your styling session, you will receive a digitally curated lookbook, hand picked by your stylist, specific to your needs. This look book will have live links for immediate purchase. 




Q: How did Stylist Pool come to be?

AS: Stylist Pool was born as a result of multiple clients and friends contacting me for my expertise on what to purchase or how to wear something. As I pondered this idea, I chatted with other stylists and contemporaries and found all of us were having similar experiences.

Q: Who is it for?

AS: Stylist Pool is for anyone who wants to look their best at all times. The importance of creating a personal brand, and the relation to success are one in the same, and hiring a professional stylist to take the work out of it has not been available… until now. This one of a kind service has been created for anyone looking to feel great without the added stress.

Q: Why Stylist Pool?

AS: I think most would agree, the world has changed. We no longer have extra time and shopping at a mall is not how you want to spend your weekend. We need to look our best without the added time and prep that was traditionally required. With Stylist Pool, all you need is 30 minutes to connect with a professional stylist who will give you the tools you need to instantly update your style. Truly seamless, for style in a 21st century world.